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Infinity Volleyball Resource Page

All Emailed documents and information that is sent out is below!

Player Information Packet

AAU Membership will be purchased by Infinity. Leave blank if you don't already have one. Filled out and return at the Coach/Parent/Player Meeting. (Page 2 & 4)

Concussion Consent Form

Please read and sign. Return form at the Coach/Parent/Player Meeting.

Conflicting Dates Calendar

Please fill out the dates that your child will NOT be able to practice or weekends that are potential conflicts for tournaments. (Please understand that this is a tool we use, not all accommodations can be made for everyone). Return form at the Coach/Parent/Player Meeting

Payment Agreement

Payment Breakdown for your Records.

Returning Players

As a returning player there are Final Payment Deductions Available if you have the following Items issued from Infinity Volleyball Club and can use them for the upcoming season. Fill out form to apply deduction to your last payment. 

Use Stack Team App via phone or computer for all communication! Click the link to the left! 

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